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Editorial services are available at the following rates:

Line/Substantive Editing: $36 per 1,000 words

Copyediting: $22 per 1,000 words

Proofreading, Fact-checking, On-site editing: $48 per hour

Copywriting for blogs and websites: varies depending on requirements

Unsure of what level of editing you require?

Proofreading is the "last pass" on a document before it is published. It looks at the formatting as well as for typos and mechanical errors. It is assumed that the document has already been copyedited and needs to be checked for any issues that might have crept in during the formatting process.

Copyediting addresses grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style at the sentence or paragraph level. This is the level an author needs if he or she is confident about the story or nonfiction piece as-is, but wants to be sure the writing is polished and professional.

Line/Substantive editing looks at the "big picture" of a project, how well the story or piece is working, issues with characterizations, and overall issues of style. The edit will focus on detailed comments and critique. I include a thorough copyedit at this level of editing, though suggested changes at the story level may make a second copyedit advisable. 

Please email with a description of your needs and project.

I make every effort to respond within a few hours, including on weekends.