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About Five Points Editorial

Rebecca provided insight and expertise that only an experienced editor could provide. For a first-time author like me, Rebecca was a godsend as she was able to guide me on the basics of structure, syntax and context. She has the utmost professionalism and was able to work with my disorganized personality. She also provided very encouraging and supportive comments, which is a welcome contrast to other editors who may forget the importance of "constructive" in"constructive criticism.Highly recommended!


Precision, Enthusiasm, and Love of Storytelling

I began work as an editor after years of involvement in the publishing industry in many capacities: successful novelist, judge for top-level writing competitions, and submissions evaluator and book reviewer for a major industry publication. I'd found that, as much as I loved to write, I loved even more to help other writers bring out the best in their stories and achieve their goals as authors.

As an editor, I can do that. For years I've worked with bestselling authors, helping them to polish their writing, bring out the heart of their stories, and work through the knottiest plot problems. The goal is always a final manuscript that resonates with the author's own voice and offers no distractions, grammatically or factually, from the spell cast by the story. 

Though I edit a wonderful variety of fiction, narrative nonfiction, and memoir, I specialize in a few areas: literary/mainstream fiction, academic editing for the humanities, and books set in New York City. My detailed knowledge of the city's geography and history helps ensure accuracy in my clients' projects.

I am a member of the American Copy Editors Society (ACES), and I hold a degree in English from the University of Maryland, College Park. I would love to discuss your goals and needs, and to help your project match your vision!

Areas of Specialized Knowledge

  • New York City: history, geography, and literature

  • Urban development, sustainability, and social issues, including the impacts of climate change and inequality

  • Academic editing for the humanities, including extensive work for the major publishers (Elsevier, Routledge, etc.) and knowledge of APA, Chicago, and Harvard styles

  • German and Nordic languages and cultures

  • Sex and relationships (some of my most engaging projects have focused on international dating, webcam work, and erotic misadventures!)

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