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A Service Customized to Your Needs

Copyediting provides a focused edit for grammar, punctuation, spelling, missing words, and the technical aspects of language in general. This service is perfect for professional communications, academic articles and dissertations, web content, and books of all kinds. The rate is $28 per 1,000 words, with a discounted rate for projects over 50,000 words.

Developmental Editing gets deep into the inner workings of storytelling to help the author craft their fiction, narrative nonfiction, or memoir into the best book it can possibly be. Because this service can become pricey, I offer three  different levels of developmental editing to serve the needs of every author:

  • The Mini Dev Edit. I review the first 10,000 words of the story, considering the elements of characterization, setting, plot, dialogue, style, and opening (first 10 pages), and summarize my perceptions and recommendations in a three-page editorial letter. In my experience, the majority of the most critical-to-address issues in a book will be found in these first 10,000 words, making this an economical way to significantly improve a story and paving the way for a much more nuanced developmental edit later. For this service, I charge a flat fee of $475.

  • The Story Edit. This very popular service combines copyediting (for grammar, spelling, etc.) with developmental comments in the margin of the story pointing out significant issues. Though not an in-depth developmental edit, indie authors and those preparing to query literary agents find this very useful for highlighting any weaknesses or inconsistencies while simultaneously polishing their writing. The rate is $31 per 1,000 words, with a discounted rate for projects over 50,000 words.

  • Focused Developmental Editing. For a complete developmental edit that takes a very detailed look at every aspect of the craft and storytelling, this is the ideal choice. The entire manuscript is reviewed, with comments added in the margins to highlight specific aspects of the text. The author also receives a six-to-eight-page editorial letter addressing characterization, setting, plot, style, conflict/stakes/motivation, dialogue, and style, with suggestions and recommendations. Copyediting is not included in this service, as revisions may be significant. The rate is $31 per 1,000 words.

Content writing is a useful service for professionals who need to maintain a steady stream of content on their blogs or websites but need to focus their time on bigger projects. Using the tone and voice of your brand identity, your SEO keywords, and the ideas that connect with and inspire your target audience, I can create precisely customized content that saves you time and brings more visitors to your virtual or brick-and-mortar door. The rate for this service varies depending on requirements, and a discount is available for multiple items or retainer work.

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